FeedSpeaker is a speech recognition enabled news reader for the visually impaired

FeedSpeaker helps blind people experience the Internet by enabling them to do what most of us take for granted – instantly access the latest RSS news stories around the world by navigating only with their voice. It combines state of the art open source speech recognition solutions with geocoded semantic data from hundreds of RSS feed news sources around the Web. FeedSpeaker is the first of its kind - it's a browser-based speech recognition mashup that requires no installation, doesn’t cost anything and is accessible from anywhere and anytime by people with visual disabilities and without them alike.

FeedSpeaker needs Adobe Flash 10 to access your microphone and you don't seem to have the required version installed at the moment. Head to Adobe Flash site and get it! Speech recognition was never so much fun before and you just have to try it by yourself! :) Want to know who made FeedSpeaker or contact me? I'm on Twitter!